Hunting on Vancouver Island

Walking through the forests, passing the coastline, paddling into stunning islands around, getting into the most untouched nature and searching for your hunt is something more than a random outdoor adventure you can experience on Vancouver Island. Seeking, pursuing, and harvesting animals are what made hunting a popular recreational activity and sport. Your hunting trip on Vancouver Island boasts magnificent scenery, along with several big and small games.


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Why Hunters Are Obsessed with Hunting on Vancouver Island

Home to 7,000 Black Bears

Vancouver Island is one of the densest places in the world for hunting black bears.

600-800 Cougars

Vancouver Island is a habitat of cougars, the largest cat species in BC.

No Bag Limit for Fallow Deer

Make the most of 500 to 1000 fallow deer hunting opportunities on Vancouver Island.

Improve Your Hunting Adventure on Vancouver Island

We at Vanisle Hunters can tailor a hunting tour for individual hunters, hunting groups or families. If you have any special preferences, we will make it a luxurious holiday and inspire you to have all-in packages. Explore new hunting challenges and enjoy your dream hunt in one of BC's best hunting trip destinations.

Opportunities More Tempting than Your First Harvest

You are not alone in this journey. With Vancouver Island hunting outfitters, experienced guides, all services and equipment you need, and the hunting chances available for all seasons, you will not leave empty-handed. We've done the research to create a list of the best hunting opportunities with affordable prices. These hunting trips are chosen for value.

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What Everyone Is Saying about Hunting on Vancouver Island


What makes Vancouver Island interesting for hunting is that it is home to Fallow Deer with unlimited hunting chances. Haven for deer hunters.

Karen Brown

It is no secret that Vancouver Island has some of the best black bear hunting in the world. You won't want to miss it!

Alan Califf

It is where I had world-class big game trophy hunting adventures for black bears and black-tailed deer.

Dirk J.M.

Vancouver Island provides many hunting opportunities for various game species, whether big or small games.

Jo Ann Mitchell

I'm still looking for snowshoe hares on the island!

Ian Davis

It totally captivates me to hunt waterfowl which are common on Vancouver Island, particularly on the east coast.

Vancouver Island Big Games Hunting


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Black-tailed Deer

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Fallow Deer

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Vancouver Island Small Games Hunting

Duck and Goose

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Snowshoe Hare

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Band-tailed Pigeon

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