Fallow Deer Hunting on Vancouver Island

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Suppose you don't possess a hunting licence and are busy during the open season for deer hunting on Vancouver Island. In that case, you may think of hunting fallow deer on the Gulf Islands or Sidney Island. But you cannot hunt on Sidney Island unless you are part of the local first nations who work closely with the National Park's hunt coordinator during the off-season (Nov 1-Feb 28th) to facilitate harvest. The south side of the island is privately owned and hunted through a strata mechanism.
The number of fallow deer in the areas they inhabit on Vancouver Island is even preceding the human population. Based on estimations made by Parks Canada, there are, or better to say, there still remain 500 to 1000 and maybe more fallow deer on Vancouver Island, and in places such as Sidney Island, the population is only a thousand. So, you can do mathematics. After almost two decades, inhabiting Vancouver Island by these invasive creatures has done a great deal of damage to the locals, flora, and even fauna. Yeah, they look cute, and the imagination of being surrounded by these ungulates is beautiful, but never judge a book by its cover!
Fallow deer hunting is allowed all around the year without a single need to have a deer hunting licence just to be helpful to ecosystem conservation. In an interview with CBC, Pelkey, hereditary chief of the Tsawout First Nation and representative of the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council, has claimed that: due to the existence of fallow deer on the island, bracken fern, once abundantly grown there, has vanished from the earth. "It's kind of hard on our people when we are used to getting some of our medicines out there, and they are just not there anymore," he says. So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, i.e., hunting and helping the ecosystem simultaneously, fallow deer hunting on Vancouver Island is the best choice.

History of Hunting Fallow Deer on Vancouver Island

Fallow deer were first introduced to Vancouver Island on James Island in 1908. Fallow deer are great swimmers, and they swam from James Island to nearby Sidney Island and colonized there. After years, they've become overpopulated and have ruined many things, such as the vegetation and personal properties of the indigenous people. Their origin comes from western Europe and the Middle East. They were first brought to the island by some European refugees who came to Vancouver Island. They claimed they brought fallow deer to Vancouver Island to hunt for sport. According to Pelkey, "they multiply like rabbits." And that is why their population has become even more than the people living in the region.

Vancouver Island Fallow Deer Hunters

Everything regarding a fallow deer can inspire a hunter on Vancouver Island. Vividly colourful coats, majestic antlers, and delicate meat could be enough reason to hunt fallow deer on Vancouver Island, which we will discuss later. However, besides the reasons mentioned earlier, due to the no closed-season situation, hunters on Vancouver Island, with some considerations, can come and hunt deer all year round.

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Reasons to Hunt Fallow Deer on Vancouver Island

The reasons for deer hunting (amongst all the species and subspecies) on Vancouver Island are almost the same. But, regarding fallow deer, their coat looks gorgeous, especially with those cute white spots on their backs—all of them contribute to making fallow deer coats to be suitable material for creating classy clothing.
The delicate flesh. Well, everybody wants to spend as little as possible in the mall. So, why don't we hunt down one of these creatures and fill our fridges for over a year? Besides, the benefits this meat (the same as black-tailed deer) has can convince you to put it into your diet.
The majestic antlers they have. One of the best decorations you can benefit from for your empty walls is the fallow male deer antlers. You invite your friends over for a delicious deer meal. They see it on the wall and ask you to tell them the story. It is both a reminder of a victory for you and a good time for your friend. Hunters count the antlers as the trophy of deer hunting on Vancouver Island. That way, your successful hunt would be like winning a league! And here, for those hunters hunting illegally on Vancouver Island, according to the hunting and trapping synopsis presented by the BC Government, no species licence is needed for hunting fallow deer on Vancouver Island.

Interesting Facts about Fallow Deer and Fallow Deer Hunting on Vancouver Island

• Fallow deer's origins are Southern Europe and the Middle East. • Fallow deer were first introduced to Vancouver Island for sport. • Fallow deer's antlers are entirely different from their black-tailed counterparts'. They mostly resemble moose antlers. • Bucks (stags) and does live in separate groups, but they join each other during the rut.

Where to Hunt Fallow Deer on Vancouver Island?

Only a few places on Vancouver Island, especially the southern parts, have fallow deer, like Sooke and Alberni Valley. Still, you can find some of them living on the Gulf Islands, especially Sidney Island. For now, the management units (MU) or the hunting areas designated by BC regulation for hunting fallow deer are 1-1 to 1-7 on the region 1 (Vancouver Island) map. But hunters should be aware of no hunting and shooting areas on Vancouver Island.
Like other subspecies of deer on Vancouver Island, fallow deer prefer to live in the forest amongst the trees. That is why Sidney Island's coastal Douglas fir forest is at risk, and these invasive creatures have transformed the island into a not-ecologically diverse region. As already mentioned, fallow deer are overpopulated in the areas they inhabit on Vancouver Island. Thus, wherever you step, you will see at least two fallow deer wandering the land in these regions.

When to Hunt Fallow Deer on Vancouver Island?

Fallow deer entered the Gulf Islands over a century ago. Since these creatures are great swimmers, they swam the waters between the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island, and ever since, they have inhabited some of the southern parts of Vancouver Island. But that is not the point. They multiply like rabbits, and in some regions, their population is even more than people. The more their population gets, the more they need to eat. Consequently, the vegetation is gone! All the points above were told that there is no closed season for fallow deer hunting on Vancouver Island. Even better, there are no bag limits as well.

Protected Areas of Vancouver Island, Based on the BC Act

How to Track a Fallow Deer on Vancouver Island

Deer are animals grazing the grass. Well, you can track them down by following the way they've passed to eat! Their track will remain on grass, and it looks easy on the outside, but sometimes it can be challenging! Another way you can track fallow deer on Vancouver Island is to listen carefully. Deer, in general, are known to be noisy during their rut. So, you only have to listen, track the noise, and bingo! Another approach through which you can track a fallow deer on Vancouver Island is to follow their claw marks on the ground. Not every place they step onto is grassy! Sometimes they are in areas with mud or sand on the surface.

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Fallow Deer Hunting Methods on Vancouver Island

Based on the BC Government's hunting and tracking synopsis, the permitted deer hunting methods on Vancouver Island are the same for every subspecies. So, as same as black-tailed deer hunting, fallow deer hunting methods include rifle (centrefire) hunting, shotgun hunting, and bow hunting.

Rifle Hunting

Imagine you are observing three fallow deer in a row with a space of at least five meters between each. If you want to take them all down, you need to aim first and second to have a weapon that doesn't slow you down. In that case, rifles are the best choice.

Shotgun Hunting

Heavy but deadly! Consider it dead if you shoot a creature with a shotgun in any part of its body. The only drawback of shotgun hunting is that they are noisy, and due to the great hearing of fallow deer, you may have the chance to hunt only one deer at a time.

Bow Hunting

As always, the old-school way. Very professional hunters hunting on Vancouver Island for over 20 years sometimes like to do bowhunting (or bow hunting) for good old days' sake. It is a rather difficult hunting method which you shouldn't miss. An excellent merit bow hunting has is that it is noiseless! So, provided that you are good at bow hunting, the number of fallow deer you can hunt increases considerably.

Hunting from a Blind

Some ways of hunting from a blind like blinds treestand or ground blind can be available on request for big game such as fallow deer. Guides keep very close contact with you while you are on the stand.

Fallow Deer Hunting Regulations on Vancouver Island

Regulations | BC Fallow Deer Hunts | Region 1

Vancouver Island Fallow Deer Hunting Cost

Fallow deer hunting on Vancouver Island price is nothing to be determined now and be the same from now on. Costs will change day by day. Besides, some factors such as hunting equipment, the number of deer you hunt, meals, and so on can affect the cost accordingly. However, the price for our fallow deer hunting adventure on Vancouver Island starts from $2,500.

Choose Among the Best Guide Outfitters for Fallow Deer Hunting in BC

To experience a successful fallow hunting tour on Vancouver Island: 1- Plan for your fallow deer hunting in advance. 2- Choose the areas where you intend to hunt for your fallow hunting on Vancouver Island. 3- Apply for any legal requirement. 4- Select the right outfitter to be by your side in a fallow deer hunting adventure. But why does choosing the right outfitter matter before starting a fallow deer hunting adventure? They provide their guests with appropriate gear and adequate scouting knowledge to ensure that every hunter involved in that hunting trip would have the best chance of a successful hunt. If you want to make sure that your fallow deer hunting adventure on Vancouver Island is going to be the best experience ever, choosing the right outfitter is a MUST! If you need help or have any questions regarding the choice of the best outfitter, please contact us.

Vancouver Island Fallow Deer Hunting Safety Tips

• Blacktail deer are masters at hiding; they may be observing you omit via from a distance of about 20 m (65 ft) and you don't even.
• Deer have an unbelievable sense of smell, and the older the buck, the more it's learned to trust its nose. So wind can attract them to your hunting area.
• Use binoculars; they can help you pick deer out of the tangle.
• A final way to locate black-tailed deer is to look for scrapes and rubs.

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