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One of the subtle signs we can say spring has arrived on Vancouver Island is the pheasant singing. Pheasants are non-native game birds introduced to the island from Asia and minor Asia for hunting and sport. Appropriate habitat conditions help the population of this small game flourish on southern Vancouver Island, making it one of the best pheasant (cocks) hunting destinations in North America. Pheasant hunting is a challenging hunt, which is why annually, many hunters come to Vancouver Island to hunt these majestic birds. They are ground birds, meaning instead of nesting on the trees, they prefer nesting in bushy vegetation to secure their eggs and, later on, their newborn chicks. Therefore, locating these birds is a bit hard. At first, when they first were introduced to the island, they began to multiply very fast, but after about two centuries, the population declined due to limited habitat availability, new agricultural practicing, hunting, and excessive urbanization. Although they aren't native to Vancouver Island, hunting pheasant has a bag limit. The pheasant introduced to North America originally came from Asia and, more specifically, China. The subspecies inhabiting Vancouver Island are called ring-necked pheasant because of the white ring-shaped colour they have on their necks.

History of Pheasant Hunting on Vancouver Island

It was 1883 when pheasants were first introduced to Vancouver Island. Initially, 25 of them were brought to Esquimalt, and researchers think Esquimalt was where the pheasant population started to grow. After almost a decade, the number of pheasants on Vancouver Island increased rapidly, and in 1972, their estimated population on the island was 14,000. Impressive! Isn't it? So, according to the pheasant population, you can see why people became interested in pheasant hunting on Vancouver Island after they settled on the island. In their shoes, anybody would think maybe the pheasant population is connected to an endless resource, and it doesn't matter how many pheasants you hunt; they still are there for more hunting. However, according to Ann Nightingale, Christmas Birds Count coordinator with Victoria Natural History Society, the pheasant population diminished suddenly and has never recovered ever since. That may be why the government controls pheasant hunting to stop the creature from being eradicated.

Vancouver Island Pheasant Hunters

The first thing that may encourage hunters for pheasant hunting on Vancouver Island is the challenge. First of all, it is challenging to find these ground-nesting birds and hunt them. They will take cover beneath the bushes where nobody can gaze eyes on them. We can say that a pheasant is a hide-and-seek kind of bird. But the only challenge isn't locating the game bird before hunting it. If you can make a pheasant fly, given that they are flying with a headwind, pheasants can resemble a bullet just got out from a gun. The second thing inspiring about pheasant hunting on Vancouver Island is the abundance of this upland game bird species on the island. As mentioned before, their population has reached 14,000. Just imagine if half of them are females, and each female would have 5-6 eggs. You would crave pheasant hunting when you are confident that your hunting practice doesn't hurt their population.

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Reasons to Hunt Pheasant on Vancouver Island

Pheasant hunting can benefit you primarily in edible ways! First their delicate meat and then their full-packaged eggs. ✔️ Meat: pheasant meat's nutritional values are high enough to persuade you to first go pheasant hunting, then put the meat in your weekly diet. It is laden with protein, especially breast meat. Thus, pheasant meat can be a good meal right after a heavy workout. Plus, it is filled with vitamins, mainly B, which is one of the required nutrients for your body's health. Pheasant meat is one of the rich purine sources that sometimes can be a drawback. Due to the many purines in pheasant meat, excessive use is not recommended for those with gout. ✔️ Egg: Small but tasty eggs packed with every necessary nutrient. Although pheasant egg is small in size, they are significant in flavour and benefits. They contain a high percentage of protein, vitamins like B and D, and necessary amino acids. So, if you go pheasant hunting on Vancouver Island, add a little more challenge to your hunting experience and try to find the nest. Boil the eggs and give them to your kids. ✔️ Decoration: Some small game hunters are madly in love with desiccating the birds and then put them on their hunting shelf as the trophy of their small game hunting experiences. Use actual desiccated birds instead of artificial sculpture; nothing can be more honourable for a hunter than this. Plus, they have the chance to brag about their hunting experience amongst their family members, co-workers, and friend when they invite them over for a delicious pheasant meal.

Vancouver Island Pheasant Hunting Highlights

• The best range of Asian pheasants inhabit Vancouver Island and give you excellent hunting opportunities from Victoria to Campbell River. • Pheasants like open areas to settle in; thus, do not choose a location such as bush forests for pheasant harvest. You have an idea about pheasant hunting experience in open green lands. • Pheasants have very sharp sight and hearing, so watch your steps while hunting a pheasant. • If a pheasant senses danger, usually it runs, but when you have cornered the bird, it definitely chooses to fly, and nothing can fly faster than a pheasant. Thus, prevent corner-pheasant-hunting as much as possible, or you may lose your prey. • Hunting pheasants on Vancouver Island is controlled by the government and needs a licence because their population had a drop and never recovered again due to limited habitat for pheasants, new agriculture approaches, and urbanization.

Where to Hunt Pheasant on Vancouver Island?

Pheasants spread from the south on Vancouver Island. As mentioned before, they were first released in Esquimalt, and then their population explosively grew. Pheasants prefer open habitats, especially crop fields. They are terrestrial birds nesting on the ground; thus, attempting to take cover from their natural predators, they choose lands with enough vegetation. They hate forested areas; therefore, avoid the woods if you want to go on a pheasant hunting trip. In general, places where you can find pheasants for hunting on Vancouver Island, are: • Grassy and slight agricultural lands
• Wetland margins
• Lower elevation green grounds
• Various vegetative matter
For now, the management units (MU) or the hunting areas designated by BC regulation for hunting pheasant are 1-1 to 1-9 on the region 1 (Vancouver Island) map. But hunters should be aware of no hunting and shooting areas on Vancouver Island.

When to Hunt Pheasant on Vancouver Island?

The open season for pheasant harvest on Vancouver Island is Oct 1 - Nov 30. Note that during the open hunting season, hunters are only allowed to hunt roosters. Hen hunting is illegal, whether it is during the open season or not. There is also a bag limit for rooster hunting on Vancouver Island. Whenever you finalize your pheasant hunting decision, keep in mind that you can only hunt two pheasants in six days. May your harvest be full of prosperity.

Protected Areas of Vancouver Island, Based on the BC Act

Conditions for Hunting Pheasant on Vancouver Island

Time of the day: Normally, hunters prefer to start their hunting early in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. That would be a mistake regarding pheasant harvest in its open season. Sometimes upland game birds would come to the sight when they feel the silence during hunters' lunch break. Temperature: Cold weathers give you the ideal opportunity for upland game birds hunting, especially pheasant harvest on Vancouver Island. As already mentioned, a pheasant's nest is on the ground, and when snow covers the grass, the safety of its nest becomes essential. Fortunately, pheasants are not migratory birds and would settle in only one place. Barometric measures: Air pressure changes would affect both sheltering and flying of upland game birds, including pheasant. Apparently, birds can fly better in weather with lower pressure.

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Pheasant Hunting Methods on Vancouver Island

We aim to introduce every legal factor you need to know before starting your pheasant hunting experience. Based on the synopsis BC Government has represented regarding hunting and trapping regulations in the province, two hunting methods are available for pheasant harvest on Vancouver Island; shotgun hunting and bowhunting. No rifle hunting is allowed. Besides, you can hunt with your dogs, and you may choose falconry hunting.

Shotgun Hunting

Noisy but 100 percent effective. Of course, a shotgun may throw the bird away but will kill it. Like you didn't know already. Remember always to keep your gun loaded and keep an eye on these naughty birds.


The ancestors' approach. Although the bowhunting (or bow hunting) method is old, provided that you are professional, you can fill your pheasant hunting bag limit in like no time!

Hunting with Falconry

Birds versus birds. Using this method, hunters hunt upland game birds such as pheasants getting help from birds of prey to locate and kill them. Brutal but creative!

Hunting with Dogs

Upland game bird hunting with dogs is always beneficial. In this case (i.e., pheasant), dogs can be a big hand in cold weather. If you ask why, the reason is that in lower temperatures, dogs can smell for a longer distance. Therefore, you'll be able to shoot your prey farther.

Pheasant Hunting Regulations on Vancouver Island

Regulations for BC Pheasant Hunts | Region 1

Vancouver Island Pheasant Hunt Cost

The client's desires can change the cost. Services you expect for your hunting tour may affect the total price for your hunts—services such as meals, transportation and after-harvest services. But the price of your pheasant hunting trip starts at $200. For more information regarding the cost of your personalized pheasant hunting adventure, please get in touch with us.

Choose Among the Best Guide Outfitters for Pheasant Hunting in BC

To experience a successful pheasant harvest on Vancouver Island: 1- Plan for your pheasant hunting in advance. 2- Choose the areas where you intend to hunt for your pheasant hunting on Vancouver Island. 3- Apply for and obtain the necessary licence for your pheasant hunting. 4- Select the right outfitter to be by your side in a pheasant hunting adventure. But why does choosing the right outfitter matter before starting a pheasant hunting adventure? They provide their guests with appropriate gear and adequate scouting knowledge to ensure that every hunter involved in that trip would have the best chance of successful pheasant hunting. If you want to make sure that your pheasant hunting adventure on Vancouver Island is going to be the best experience ever, choosing the right outfitter is a MUST! If you need help or have any questions regarding the choice of the best outfitter, please feel free to contact us.

Vancouver Island Pheasant Hunting Tips

• Always preserve the muzzle pointed in a secure direction. • Treat every firearm as if it has been loaded. • Always make certain the firearm is unloaded and preserve the motion open besides when certainly looking or making ready to shoot. • Make sure the barrel and motion are clear of obstruction and that you have the appropriate ammunition for the firearm you are carrying. • Never factor a firearm at something you do not choose to shoot. Avoid all horseplay with any firearm. • Never climb a fence or tree, or jump a ditch with a loaded firearm. • Never shoot at a flat difficult surface or water. • Never pass your firearm to some other man or woman until the cylinder or action is open and you visually take a look at that it is unloaded. • Store your unloaded firearm and ammunition one at a time and in places inaccessible to youth and unauthorized persons. • Wear security glasses and ear protection, whether indoors or out.

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