Salish Sea Duck Hunting 2024

Sea Duck Hunting

▼ George Strait and the Gulf Islands
Duration: Four Days/Three Nights
Skill Level: Beginner
✓ Price per Person: $4500
Date: October 7 to January 21
Group Size Limit: 3
Minimum Age Requirement: Hunters 10 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent.

Safe Adventure

Your safety is our number one priority!

Responsible Guide

We ensure that itineraries are met your expectations.

Informative Experience

We educate you on hunting methods according to the BC law.

About the Salish Sea Duck Hunting Tour

Four day three night hunts. The target species are Surfscoter's, Barrow's goldeneye, Common goldeneye, Harlequin ducks, Long tailed ducks and Brant.
Depending on weather conditions hunting will take place either from shore small islets out on the ocean or from boat/ layout boat.

Vanisle Hunters Sea Duck Hunting Tour Arrangements

Tour Package Includes

Additional Costs

Accommodation, meals, transportation

If the hunter has appropriate angular license and our hunt is concluded early, we can be provided for sports fishing. This is dependent on weather conditions.
If rustic is not your thing then there is a very selection of hotels and resorts available nearby.

Book for this Salish Sea Duck Hunting

If you are interested in this duck hunting tour on Vancouver Island, please fill in the form below. Otherwise, please contact us to add any other options or special interest tour packages to match your desire and exceed your expectations!

Hunting License Requirements

BC residents are required to have a valid BC hunting license as well as a migratory bird stamp. Also a golf islands special hunting license is required and the corresponding liability insurance. Non residence hunters are required to attain I said licenses above.

Equipment Provided

Decoys, layout boat blinds and life preserving devices will be provided.

Equipment Needed (to bring)

Hunter should bring warm waterproof clothing, shotgun , a non-toxic shot and motion sickness medicine if necessary.

Physical Requirements

We cater to different levels of physicality in mobility and we can modify the hunts to fit.

Safety Measures

Our hunting guides/ Captains have marine basic first aid, small vessel operating proficiency certificate, marine emergency duties certificate and tidal angling guide certificate.

Legal Regulations

The hunting of Sea ducks is regulated by the Migratory Birds Regulations, 2022 (MBR 2022). Sea ducks are subject to the open seasons, daily bag limits and possession limits set out in the MBR 2022. Summaries of the MBR 2022 hunting regulations are also available by province or territory. The summary for the 2023-24 hunting season in British Columbia is available at the following webpage: Hunting regulations summary for migratory birds: British Columbia - The summaries for the 2024-25 hunting season will be available by August 1st 2024.

Accommodation Details

Canvas walled hunting tent with wood stove and cots. There is electricity and Wi-Fi outdoor washroom and outdoor shower with hot water. If rustic is not your thing then there is several different hotels and resorts available close by. Outside accommodations is not included. However if this is your choice transportation too your accommodations and back every day will be included.

Meal Options

Three meals plus snacks will be included every day. We aim to please so if there's any food restrictions or allergies they must be specified prior to hunt. There are restaurants available if choosing to eat out this cost is not included.

Transportation Details

If the hunter for hunters do not have there own vehicle then we will pick him up from the ferry and drop Hunter or hunters off at the end of the hunt. Potentially we will travel for an hour on the water to get to our hunting spot in an open boat so bring warm clothes.

Conservation Efforts

Ecological stainable daily limit , long tailed ducks is 4, surf scooters 6 either species of goldeneye is 2 and Harlequins 2.

Ethical Hunting Practices

Our goal is to pull Ducks close to our hunters so drakes can be targeted.

Booking Process

There is a 50% deposit due upon confirmation of your purchased and the duration one month prior to hunt.

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled one month prior to hunt make 70% refund will be administrator. If cancellation occurs after the full amount has been paid then a 50% cancellation refund will be administered.

Your Duck Hunting Guide Outfitter

It is your outfitter who makes the hunting tour worth booking.

Name: Chadley Diakow
Language(s) spoken: English

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